Camping Checklist

We are so excited for this years annual camping trip! Having everything we need really makes our vacation go smoothly. Here is my packing list for camping! Even after years of camping it is so helpful to have this list and be able to check things off. I mean how satisfying is it to check those little boxes. I love that my kids can help to, we all work towards having a great vacation. Can’t wait to be here!


Super Storage! And An Art Instillation

For the boys room

For the boys room

Is it dress up storage?

Is it a modern art piece?

It’s both & I love it!

The Boy loves it because it is easy to clean up.

Captain America is a little high but because I used #3Mcommandstrips I will be able to fix it super quick.

Look at what I did today honey.

tomato basil soup

Laura’s descriptions make my mouth water!

a little gypsy wind...


I have had many a tomato soup yet none have measured up to this tangy, rich, delicious, light, flavorful concoction.  I found the basis for this recipe in the incomparable Cynthia Lair’s Feeding the Whole Family, a book overflowing with information about feeding babies, young children and their parents whole foods in an easy and yummy way.

Notes:  Tomatoes are members of the nightshade family which are thought to affect calcium stores negatively so they are often served with calcium-rich dairy. Be sure to use full-fat sour cream or even full-fat greek yogurt in a pinch; any reduced-fat foods are not whole foods.  You may substitute vegetable stock for chicken stock for a slightly different taste, a bit too oniony for me.  Look for Muir Glen Fire-Roasted tomatoes for an extra dose of deliciousness as well.  In the summer, I love to use heirloom tomatoes grown in my mama’s garden!…

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off the grid, in the moment

a little gypsy wind...


my grandparents’ home on whidbey island is a piece of heaven on earth.  i once did an exercise to define a place or moment in which i felt sublime peace, simplicity, and weightlessness, unencumbered by my daily distractions.  i landed here, in this spot on the bluff, the gusts of salty wind blowing away any trace of negativity and self-doubt, the openness of the horizon suggesting such freedom and infinite possibility, the colors…oh, the colors, the wisps of cloud drifting upwards sending my gaze and my soul toward God.  this is it.

i have a vision of one day living on an island, near a lighthouse, in a place with dramatic seasons, storms buffeting the shores, brilliant colors and sounds and tastes and smells all around.  i feel so ridiculously alive in the wind and surrounded by the noisy sea.  i think perhaps it is because it drowns out my…

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I have had these and they are delish. Two thumbs up!

a little gypsy wind...


Not quite dessert, perfect as a snack, makes me hungry for more breakfast, & kind of amazing dinner, waffles fill a special spot in my food repertoire.  I am decidedly NOT a fan of belgian waffles that are crispy and light; I prefer cakey and soft waffles, much like a pancake with a few crispy, caramelized edges.  I continuously experiment with recipes for “plain” waffles, looking for variations that lend themselves to warming up for elevenses or with a spot of tea in the afternoon.  The ginger banana waffles are a childhood recipe that my own sweet mother made for me regularly, so there are sweet memories attached to these robust, unique treats.  Enjoy them both and let me know how you amend them for your own eating pleasure!

No Nonsense Waffles

These are delicious straight from the waffle iron and dry up quickly when refrigerated, so I recommend eating…

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Confession: I made my kid’s science project


I confess I made my daughters dinorama. Here’s why…

Hot glue. If you have ever burned your fingers with hot glue you know you don’t want to deal with a screaming kid with a plastic dinosaur stuck to their finger.

Time. When you wait until 7:30 the night before the project is due mom is going to have to step in and help.

Cost. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money either. The only cost was $1.38 for an 8×10 picture of the jungle that I had printed at Sam’s Club. Holly collected the the dirt, rocks and sticks from the yard.

Vanity. I want our project to look awesome!

Have you ever “helped” your kids with their projects?