My Daddy bought a vintage 1970 Prowler for the family to use and I am in love.

She is just the right size, has comfy beds and is the perfect shade of olive green.

So 70’s and so lovely.

She has tons of potential and one day she will be fancy,

But until these little guys are well less of a mess

I am not going to stress about her getting a little dirty.

I mean we are camping right.

He we are last year getting ready to leave on our annual family vacation.

Vacation 2012

The trailer was loaded and we were ready to roll.

I am counting the days until  our next trip.

33 to be exact.

Do you camp? Do you like the beach or the mountains? Tent or trailer? Glamping or roughing it?


2 thoughts on “Camping

  1. Thanks for liking my homemaking blog post! We are big campers… but we do it the old fashioned way, with tents and backpacks. 🙂 And of course as a Colorado girl, I love camping in the mountains. Only once have I experienced the luxury of camping in a camper! It’s definitely got to be easier with kids!

    • I am a big wimp! I am not sure how long I would make it if I had to carry everything I needed in a backpack. My purse is huge and that’s just for everyday stuff. Colorado is so beautiful we are heading there this summer. Do you have anything that you think we shouldn’t miss?

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