Confession: I made my kid’s science project


I confess I made my daughters dinorama. Here’s why…

Hot glue. If you have ever burned your fingers with hot glue you know you don’t want to deal with a screaming kid with a plastic dinosaur stuck to their finger.

Time. When you wait until 7:30 the night before the project is due mom is going to have to step in and help.

Cost. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money either. The only cost was $1.38 for an 8×10 picture of the jungle that I had printed at Sam’s Club. Holly collected the the dirt, rocks and sticks from the yard.

Vanity. I want our project to look awesome!

Have you ever “helped” your kids with their projects?


2 thoughts on “Confession: I made my kid’s science project

  1. Your title made me chuckle! I remember my mom swooping in to basically do my 5th grade project on the state of Iowa for me at the very last minute as I sat at the dining room table in tears. Hooray for moms!

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