off the grid, in the moment

a little gypsy wind...


my grandparents’ home on whidbey island is a piece of heaven on earth.  i once did an exercise to define a place or moment in which i felt sublime peace, simplicity, and weightlessness, unencumbered by my daily distractions.  i landed here, in this spot on the bluff, the gusts of salty wind blowing away any trace of negativity and self-doubt, the openness of the horizon suggesting such freedom and infinite possibility, the colors…oh, the colors, the wisps of cloud drifting upwards sending my gaze and my soul toward God.  this is it.

i have a vision of one day living on an island, near a lighthouse, in a place with dramatic seasons, storms buffeting the shores, brilliant colors and sounds and tastes and smells all around.  i feel so ridiculously alive in the wind and surrounded by the noisy sea.  i think perhaps it is because it drowns out my…

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