I have had these and they are delish. Two thumbs up!

a little gypsy wind...


Not quite dessert, perfect as a snack, makes me hungry for more breakfast, & kind of amazing dinner, waffles fill a special spot in my food repertoire.  I am decidedly NOT a fan of belgian waffles that are crispy and light; I prefer cakey and soft waffles, much like a pancake with a few crispy, caramelized edges.  I continuously experiment with recipes for “plain” waffles, looking for variations that lend themselves to warming up for elevenses or with a spot of tea in the afternoon.  The ginger banana waffles are a childhood recipe that my own sweet mother made for me regularly, so there are sweet memories attached to these robust, unique treats.  Enjoy them both and let me know how you amend them for your own eating pleasure!

No Nonsense Waffles

These are delicious straight from the waffle iron and dry up quickly when refrigerated, so I recommend eating…

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