Reading List

Book of the Month

I think I should have read this in high school but I didn’t.

I was a slacker.

(shhh, don’t tell the kids.)

I am now ready to read this book for my book club. She said in her best british accent.

…and what is Book Club you ask?


I could be snarky and say Google it

but then you might and you would leave my little blog and I don’t want that.

So, Book Club is:

1. A group of women who can read

2. A book they have all read

3. A bottle of wine

4. A set of discussion questions

5. More wine

6. And fun!

Join one or start one.

And as if hanging out, taking about books wasn’t enough we are all going to see the movie together. I’ll let you know how it is later. How they both are.

Coming Soon: Movie Reviews & Book Reviews